A poem about my favorite place


Dawn to Dusk
By: Deborah Dolan Hunt

Glistening peaks rise above white foam
Amidst an unforgiving surf
Salty mist
Envelopes everything in its reach
Gulls glide gracefully
Screeching in delight
Sands of time
Have witnessed thousands of lives pass by
Peaking behind tufts of blue and white
A fireball rises in the sky
As a new day dawns
Warmth and light shine down upon
Countless shells and age old rocks
Tiny shellfish cling onto the waves
Treasures of the sea wait to be found
Emerald and brown seaweed lay stranded
Gentle fragrant breezes swirl
Footprints dot the sand
Now bursting with vibrant colors
Laughter fills the air
Sandcastles stand majestically
Patiently waiting for another dusk

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