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Alyssa Elmore

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Reviewed By Alyssa Elmore for Readers’ Favorite

What do you look like beneath your skin? Why do we have bones? Does everyone have the same organs? The same bones? Same Inside, Different Outside by Deborah Hunt is a charming illustrated children’s book about how the human body works. Emma loves her kindergarten class. Her teacher, Mr. Gould, always has something interesting planned. Today, Mr. Gould has an important announcement. The class is going to meet a life-sized skeleton, Mr. Bones! Everyone is excited; all except Emma. Emma is secretly afraid of skeletons. When scientist Dr. Shaw brings in Mr. Bones, Emma can hardly look at him. As Dr. Shaw explains the human body, the class learns that although people may look very different on the outside, they look the same on the inside. After the kind Dr. Shaw finishes her lesson, she brings an unusual looking machine into the classroom. It is a body scanning machine that shows the kids what they look like without skin and organs. Each of the class will get their turn seeing what they look like as just bones. Will Emma be able to set aside her fear of skeletons and step into the machine?

Same Inside, Different Outside by Deborah Hunt is a cute educational story about the human body. Emma is reluctant to learn about the human body because she is afraid of skeletons. After learning about how skeletons work, why our bones are important, and what our insides look like, can Emma face her fears? I found the book to be both entertaining and educational. I love how it shows that although we may look different on the outside, we are still part of the same family. The story was well-written and the illustrations light and fun. The characters in the story were engaging, and I enjoyed watching Emma face her fears. Its message was more than just about science; it was about acceptance and courage. I would recommend this book for children ages four to six.


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