Good Reads ~~another 5-Star review of The One Eyed Pug

Review #2: Review by Faridah Nassozi

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Faridah Nassozi

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Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

The One Eyed Pug by Deborah Hunt is the story of a cute little puppy who had to be separated from her dog family, the different homes she had to live in, the new friends she had to make, and how her life changed with every new home. How will the little pug puppy cope with all the changes she has to face, and the pain of leaving her mother and siblings behind? Will she ever find a permanent home or will she forever be bounced from one human family to the next?

The story made me think of kids in the foster care system who are often bounced from one home to the next, never knowing how long they will stay with the new family. The story addresses several social issues that these kids have to deal with, including such things like moving from one home to the next, getting used to new families, adapting to new surroundings, making new friends etc., and the unsettling suspense in which they live their lives, always yearning for a permanent home.

The One Eyed Pug by Deborah Hunt is an easy and fun read with lots of lessons for kids about pets, including how to take care of them and love them so they can feel like they are really part of the family. The story perfectly captures the little pug puppy’s emotions as she is moved from one home to the next, always anxiously wishing for the day she will finally have a permanent home. The drawings in the book are simple, but they add so much to the narration, bringing even more charm to an already vivid story.


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