Santa’s Favorite Treat by Deborah Hunt

Santa’s Favorite Treat

Deborah Dolan Hunt


“Mama,” said Lucy. “I want to make Santa a special treat.”

Mama smiled. “We can bake cookies.”

“But everyone gives Santa cookies,” said Lucy.

“We can make meatballs,” said Tommy.

Lucy giggled. “Santa doesn’t eat meatballs.”

Tommy pouted. “I bet he does.”

“I think we should make him a cake,” said Lucy.

“He can’t eat a whole cake,” said Tommy.

“He can share it with his reindeers,” said Lucy.

Tommy stamped his feet. “Reindeers eat carrots.”

Mama nodded.

Lucy looked in the pantry. “We can make him oatmeal.”

“It will be cold and yucky.” Tommy snapped his fingers. “We can make him a pizza.”

“That’s silly,” said Lucy.

Mama nodded.

Lucy pouted. “We have to think of something special.”

Mama went to the shelf and took out Grandma Kay’s old recipe book.

Lucy and Tommy sat down next to Mama.

Mama opened the book and out fell a piece of faded yellow paper.

Lucy shouted. “Look at all these special recipes.”

Tommy said with glee. “And there’s even one for meatballs.”

Mama wiped a tear from her eye. “Every year Grandma and I made a special treat for


“But which one should we make?” asked Lucy.

Tommy pointed to the middle of the page and read. “This one because its Santa’s favorite.”

Lucy read it out loud. “Santa’s Favorite Treat.”

“How do we make it?” asked Tommy.

Mama smiled. “We mix cookies, meatballs, cake, oatmeal, and pizza.”

“Yummy,” shouted Lucy and Tommy.

Mama nodded.


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