Halloweensie Contest~Susannah Leonard Hill~~The Masked Skeleton by Deborah Dolan Hunt

Deborah Hunt


Word Count: 98

The Masked Skeleton

Deborah Dolan Hunt

     Sammy the skeleton jumped out of the bushes. “Boo!”

     Connor waved. “Happy Halloween.”

     Sammy grumbled.

     Clara giggled. “Sammy, you’re not creepy enough to be scary.”

    “Let’s go trick-or-treating,” said Connor.

   “No, thanks.” Sammy stomped away.

    Sammy spotted some kids.  He ran over to them and shouted, “Beware!”

    The kids ran past him to the next house. “Trick or treat!”

   Sammy put on his silly mask that was not creepy or scary and went to find his friends.

   Everyone scattered as he walked by. He spotted Connor and Clara and ran up to them.

   They screamed and ran away.


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