Be Brave, My Heart! – The 6th Annual Valentiny Contest Is Here!!!

My Entry for the contest!

A Heavenly Visit

Deborah Dolan Hunt

“Don’t cry, Mommy. I’m not scared,” said Maeve.

Mommy held Maeve’s tiny hand. “I know. You are very brave.”

Maeve was in the hospital. She had a broken leg.

Daddy placed her dolly beside her. “And Rosie will be with you.”

Maeve hugged her dolly.

Maeve and Rosie both wore identical hospital gowns and wristbands.

“Hi Maeve,” said Dr. Joe. “We’re going to take you into the special room now.”

 Her parents waved as Dr. Joe and Nurse Deb wheeled Maeve down the long hallway.

“I’m going to give you some special medicine to help you fall asleep,” said Nurse Deb.

  Maeve whispered. “I don’t want to sleep. I’m afraid.”

 “What are you afraid of?” asked Dr. Joe. 

“Grandpa went to sleep and never woke up,” Maeve whispered.

 “That’s because it was time for him to go the Heaven,” said Nurse Deb.

 Maeve nodded. “I want to go Heaven but not yet.” She slowly closed her eyes.

 When she woke up, she was back in her hospital room with her parents.

 “Mommy, Daddy,” she shouted. “I went to Heaven and saw Grandpa. He said I was his     

special Valentine. I wanted to stay with him, but he said it wasn’t my time.”


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