5-Star Review of Dale Earnhardt: Destined to Race!!!!

Review #1: Review by Joe Wisinski

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Joe Wisinski

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Reviewed By Joe Wisinski for Readers’ Favorite

Dale Earnhardt: Destined to Race by Deborah Ann Hunt is the story of the racing legend’s life. It’s written for children and tells about Earnhardt’s life briefly, yet enough to acquaint readers with who he was. The book starts with his early life and delves into the most important parts of his career. In addition to Dale Earnhardt, Sr., the book provides brief biographies of his children and grandchildren. The author also writes about the safety measures that were put into place after Earnhardt’s fatal crash in 2001. She also provides the background of auto racing and even informs readers about how the financial arrangements between racing teams, sponsors, and advertising work. For those who want to know yet more, the book provides an extensive list of references.

I knew little about Dale Earnhardt, so I chose to review this book specifically because I wanted to learn more about him. Because Earnhardt died in 2001, I think most children would be in the same position, not having much knowledge of Earnhardt. This book will acquaint them with the man who won an amazing 76 races. Dale Earnhardt: Destined to Race should also inspire children because author Deborah Ann Hunt writes about Earnhardt’s “determination and drive” and the fact that he “always regretted dropping out of high school.” What I liked best about this book is the author didn’t shy away from writing about Earnhardt’s aggressive driving style. But she notes that fellow drivers respected him. There’s a lesson for everyone there, and in fact, this children’s book provides many good lessons for both children and adults. I recommend it.


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