Valentine’s Contest

Proud Valentine’s Day

                                                               Deborah Hunt

                       Rose thought about Valentine’s Day. It was fun to open cards and get

                  candy but the popular kids got the most and the unpopular kids got the least and

                 the ones in the middle like her got some.

                       “Mrs. Heart, can we do something different this year for Valentine’s Day?”

                        “Do you want to have heart-shaped cookies instead of cupcakes?” Mrs. Heart  


             “No, I want us to bring all those things to the kids who live in the homeless


                           Mrs. Heart smiled. “That’s a nice idea.”

                           “Can you ask Principal Lovelace?” Rose asked

                            Mrs. Heart nodded. After lunch she told Rose she could ask the kids.

                            Rose shared her idea. Some of them nodded but others frowned.

                             Rose continued. “Don’t you want to help others and feel proud?”

                            One of the kids snickered. “I’ll feel proud when I’m eating chocolate.”

                            “I’m going to give all of my Valentine’s gifts away. Will anyone join       

                        me?” Rose pleaded.

                                Three kids raised their hands. One was the least popular, the other was

                         the most popular and, the third was the one in the middle. One by one the                

                        rest of the kids raised their hands, even the snickering kid.

                                  Mrs. Heart beamed. “Class, I am so very proud of you!”


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