OCEAN’s View

Ocean’s View 

By: Deborah Dolan Hunt

Water rises high above the surf and crashes with unforgiving force

Precious stones and sea-life are thrown without chance of recourse

Graceful gulls glide fearlessly over white-capped waters

In search of tiny schools of fish that glisten like quarters

Seaweed and kelp drift helplessly to the surf

Stranded they now lay scattered  on foreign turf

Seashells and driftwood decorate the golden sand

Soon to become part of a collection inland

The mighty roar of the ocean is heard by all

As children frolic around a colorful beach ball

The salty mist covers the sun seekers all day

As they bask in the warmth of the sun’s ray

Finally they leave for gone is their light

Gentle waves continue through the night

Reclaiming their shores they sing out in harmonious accord

For the sun seekers have gone and peace has been restored




4 thoughts on “OCEAN’s View

  1. brianhunt89@gmail.com says:

    I really like this one the closing line is awesome and it reminds me of montauk 😁😁

    Sent from my iPhone


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