Same Inside Different Outside

Same Inside Different Outside
WaldorfPublishing Concepts / Body, JUVENILE, Non Fiction
by Deborah Hunt
Today is a very exciting day for Emma’s kindergarten class. Emma, Robert, and the rest of the students don’t understand how they can all look so different on the outside, but look very similar on the inside. So Dr. Shaw is coming to visit, and she’s bringing Mr. Bones, who is a real life-size skeleton. Mr. Bones is going to help Dr. Shaw teach her lesson about the human body. Dr. Shaw has also brought a cool body screening machine with her so the children can see what their insides look like.coverfixedwithauthor

Emma is excited when Dr. Shaw shows the class some really cool pictures about the human body on a big screen, but she’s also nervous because she’s afraid of skeletons. And the big machine in the front of the room looks just as scary. You can learn about the human body, and Emma and her classmates when you read the “Same Inside Different Outside”.


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