The One Eyed Pug Readers Favorite Review

BOOK REVIEW Five Star Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

The One Eyed Pug is an interesting story of a pug that’s moving to New York with her human mommy, Julie. Author Deborah Hunt has created an interesting story filled with emotions. Yes, moving to a new city can be exciting, but it means saying good-bye to your friends. The Going Away Party was fun—but sad. Travel with the little pug on her first airplane ride. What dog wouldn’t want a new home with a large yard and two children to play with? And because Julie was a nanny, the little pug went with Julie wherever she went. What a wonderful life for a dog. The little pug should have been excited when her family came to visit her at her new place, but they took her home with them. Why did they take the little pug away from her human mommy, Julie? Her new mommy, Helen, told her that Julie couldn’t look after her anymore. The sad little pug misses Julie and wants to go home. Her new family goes off to work or school and leaves the little pug alone all day.

The black and white line illustrations are very well done and are accurate representations of the storyline. The drawing on page 16 would make a great coloring page at an author event. The One Eyed Pug is a story with a mix of happiness, sadness, adventure, and scary bits. Author Deborah Hunt has created a wonderful, easy-to-read chapter book that will appeal to both children and their parents. The heart-warming story has all the elements and emotion of a good book that children will want to read again. The story is expressed from the point of the little pug … how happy she feels when face chatting with her real family of pugs or how annoying it is to have a new, untrained puppy in the house. The little pug becomes a superhero and saves Chewy, the wild puppy, from enemies. Throughout the whole book, readers will be wondering what the book title The One Eyed Pug means, but it won’t be until the plot twist at the end of the book that they find out the meaning. What a wonderful end to the story of Lola, the little pug.


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