Same Inside Different Outside Readers Favorite Review

BOOK REVIEW Four Star Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Author Deborah Hunt invites us into a kindergarten classroom where Dr. Shaw is presenting a slideshow about the inside of a person. He asks the children for the names of organs that are found inside each person. Same Inside, Different Outside is an educational lesson disguised as a story. Although we look different on the outside—with different colored hair, eyes, and skin—we all look similar on the inside. Not only does Dr. Shaw get the children to name the organs, but he also explains what each one does. Without realizing it, children will be learning about the organs in their bodies, but also a subtle lesson about humanity: we are all the same on the inside. At the end, the students wave good-bye to us.

Children will learn about the purpose of an x-ray screen and see it in action in Same Inside, Different Outside. Illustrator Xavier Pom takes us into the classroom and sets the scene for the book. The artwork accurately demonstrates the storyline. The illustration on page 24 has a lot of emotion and shows us how Emma is afraid and uncomfortable. But Dr. Shaw helps her face her fears and understand that skeletons are not scary. Author Deborah Hunt has created a special book that will educate children—without them realizing it. Dr. Shaw explains how bones are like a superhero—they help hold us up straight. Children and their parents will find the book interesting. Same Inside, Different Outside reminds us that we may have different colored hair and eyes, but we’re same on the inside.


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